Christmas at Whiz Kidz Childcare

Showing Kids the Meaning of Christmas

The meaning of Christmas can often get lost in the hustle and bustle that occurs during this time of year; the rush, the functions, the shopping, the presents, the preparations, the list goes on. It is important to pause and take the time to teach our children about the spirit of Christmas and explain its significance.

Not everyone is religious, but the sentiment that we all share when celebrating Christmas is the joy of giving, spending quality time with friends and family, celebrating what you have, showing generosity to those in need, and the importance of looking out for one another.

The challenge for parents is finding opportunities to achieve all this during such a busy time of year. Some helpful suggestions to teach your kids about the spirit of Christmas and give more meaning to this holiday are listed below:

  1. Attend a Carol’s by Candlelight event. This will bring the family together for some quality time, while the carols convey the significance of Christmas in their lyrics.
  2. Donate a toy to a child in need. This will teach generosity, even to someone you don’t even know and help your child appreciate what they have.
  3. Gift a hamper item to a charity of your child’s choice. This will teach them about thoughtfulness.
  4. Involve your child in making Christmas Cookies they can then gift to important people in their lives. This will teach them the joy in giving.
  5. Read meaningful Christmas stories to your children that convey the true meaning of Christmas. A classic example is A Christmas Carol which teaches lessons of generosity and tolerance.
  6. Engage your children in Christmas crafts the whole family can participate in. Making each other Christmas cards brings everyone together for quality family time while teaching thoughtfulness as well as the joy of giving.


At Whiz Kidz we love to both celebrate and explain important holiday events through creative play.

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