Our Story

Whiz Kidz are family owned and operated childcare centres.

We have childcare centres located in both NSW and Victoria.

Our Owner-Directors, Monica and Marina, are sisters who sent their young children to childcare and consequently developed a disposition for quality childcare and early education.

Monica and Marina understand what it means to be able to bring your child to a early learning service each day and walk away with the peace of mind that your child is being cared for in a loving and nurturing environment.

This is the ideal that drives Whiz Kidz each and every day… “A home away from home.”

Our Aim

Our aim is to allow children to harness their inherent sense of wonderment and awe to support them in discovering the world around them and achieving their full potential in an exciting play-based environment. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a stimulating and safe environment where children can grow and develop.

Monica Fanous

Owner / Director

  • Bachelor of Science, UNSW
  • Bachelor of Education, UNSW
  • Masters of Education (Early Childhood Teaching), QUT
Monica and family

Hi, my name is Monica and I am one of the owner/directors of Whiz Kidz Early Learning Centre and Pre-school. Having spent basically my whole life learning, studying and teaching in the educational system, I really understand how important the early years are as a foundation for growth and future learning. I have many years experience as a high school science teacher and have completed my Masters of Early Childhood Teaching.

It is not an exaggeration to say that education really is my life! There is nothing I find more satisfying than to watch first hand the transformation that learning imparts to the growing mind. Children’s brains are so receptive to new information, and it is up to us to provide them with the stimuli to discover how exciting the world around them is!

More importantly than my educational background, I am also a mother of three young children. Through them I have witnessed first hand the importance of quality childcare in imparting knowledge, skills and confidence. I understand exactly what it is I want to see in childcare, and every day I work hard to make sure that each child that attends Whiz Kidz is cared for in the way that I would want my children cared for. This involves providing them with love and affection, ensuring they are sustained daily with the highest quality nutritional meals, and providing access to stimulating learning resources.

Together with my sister Marina (an experienced primary school teacher) we have created a unique educational curriculum that is aimed at maximizing your child’s learning experience across six domains. We believe that together these curriculum domains will provide your child with a holistic experience that stimulates them educationally, actively, emotionally and socially.

Marina Tadros

Owner / Director

  • Bachelor of Arts, UWS
  • Masters of Teaching – Primary, UWS
  • Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care, Griffith University
Marina and family

Hi, I’m Marina Tadros and I am one of the owner/directors of Whiz Kidz Early Learning Centre and Pre-School. Like Monica, I also have a strong education background, however in a primary school setting as a trained and experienced primary school teacher. Having taught countless children attending kindergarten, I understand how daunting the first days of school are. I have also seen the difference that is made by quality childcare in preparing children for the transition to school.

I am also a mother to three young children and therefore recognize that for me, the best quality childcare is one that simultaneously provides children with loving care and tenderness and also stimulates them to push their boundaries and explore the world around them. With that in mind, we have opened Whiz Kidz centres with a view to leading the industry to a higher standards and ideals.

I understand that children are all unique and learn differently, and therefore we have equipped our Whiz Kidz Centres in such a way that children have access to a multitude of different resources that will maximize their individual learning.

I have drawn on both my educational background and also my background as a mother to co-create our unique Whiz Kidz educational curriculum. School Readiness, something that I am passionate about, is incorporated into every aspect of our curriculum, regardless of your child’s age. We believe that School Readiness is part of the bigger goal of Life Readiness and that this begins from the moment your child is born.

That being said, there are some skills that are important in making the scary transition to school a smooth process. Our Preschool School Readiness program has been created from the perspective of a kindergarten teacher who understands what are the essential skills that your child needs. These include the traditional numeracy and literacy skills, but also the social and emotional skills that will aid them in navigating their peer interactions in order to create a harmonious learning environment.

To learn more, please contact us to explore the Whiz Kidz difference!

Our Philosophy

“We see the importance in providing a place that’s a home away from home and incorporates family values and inclusion.”

At Whiz Kidz we believe that every child is unique, successful, competent, and deserving of the right to express themselves fully to achieve their potential. We understand the importance of play-based learning, intentional teaching and the environment being the third teacher.

Quality child care is about nurturing the early development of cognitive and social skills in children and helping them achieve their potential in preparation for the future years. We want to ensure children transition off to school being happy, confident, active participants, decision-makers and involved learners who possess the fundamental skills to cope with primary school and the world beyond Whiz Kidz.

Children are intrinsic learners and active researchers from birth and as they navigate and make sense of the world around them it is our responsibility to provide them with a safe, secure and comfortable environment for them to develop the self-confidence needed for optimal fun and learning.

At Whiz Kidz, your child, their rights and interests are at the forefront and centre of everything that we do, ensuring their happiness and comfort is our number one priority. This is something that cannot be achieved without a fruitful partnership with families and the community as well as an embedded culture of critical reflection that informs decision making in our services.

The Whiz Kidz curriculum was birthed from the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and National Quality Framework (NQF). Children are encouraged to develop their agency, sense of self-awareness and understanding of their place in the world.

Our educators are all highly qualified and are actively engaged with your children to allow them to lead the way in their journey of learning and achieving. Educators are also supported with ongoing training and are provided with powerful knowledge and research through their journey to support you and your family.