Brookfield Whiz Kidz
Childcare Centre and Pre-School


Perfect for families in
Brookfield VIC

222 Clarkes Rd, Brookfield VIC, 3338

Early education and childcare for children aged 0-6 years old.
Ideal for families living and working in the Brookfield area.

Whiz Kidz Brookfield Services

At our Whiz Kidz Brookfield location, we will provide a number of outstanding services, including complimentary barista-made coffee for parents.

Dedicated Staff

Highly qualified and passionate staff who will go the extra mile

Nurturing Environment

A safe environment where children feel nurtured and cared for

Nutritious Meals

Hot nutritious meals provided by our qualified on-site chef

Information to Parents

Daily updates though interactive mobile applications

Brookfield Childcare Image Gallery

Take a look at some examples of our childcare facilities - similar facilities will be available at Brookfield.

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