Positive educational outcomes are very important at Whiz Kidz.

School Readiness

School Readiness is not taught for one hour in the day – we build a child’s ‘readiness’ through experiences.

Many of us think school readiness is the 123’s and the ABC’s, however research has dug deep into what is most important in preparing a child for school and this shows a child’s’ social skills, emotional resilience and sense of self is most important.

We know the importance of working on important skills such as name writing and recognising a child’s own name, and being able to use scissors, but we also see the importance of having a love of learning, not just mastering the skill itself. 

We ensure that children are given access to formal learning opportunities, along with spontaneous learning – which are all done through our play-based curriculum. 

We provide play opportunities where children need to problem solve, use language, cooperate, be responsible, follow directions, learn to wait their turn, use confidence, be creative and to be an involved active learner. Some examples of school readiness experiences day to day are toileting properly, eating independently, being responsible for their belongings, expressing his or her wants, learn to play with more than one friend, recognise text is different from pictures and writing in books moves from left to right.

School readiness is ensuring your child is READY for school, and having the skills to cope with a more formal learning environment. It is important to consider that children develop at different rates in all areas of their development, and this is always taken into consideration. 

Whiz Kidz Curriculum 

The Whiz Kidz Curriculum has six domains, each with a focus on a different aspect of child development and learning; 

Learn, Move, Explore, Create, Self, and Eco

Each day, your child has the opportunity to develop each of these skills through innovative and unique learning activities designed to maximize your child’s learning.


Whiz Kidz LEARN is designed to create a sense of wonderment in each learning experience. 


Whiz Kidz MOVE program is designed to create active and healthy kids. Whiz Kidz MOVE provides children with the tools they need to fully develop their fine and gross motor skills. 


Whiz Kidz EXPLORE is designed to encourage children to engage with the natural and physical. Our EXPLORE program is integrated into everything we do. 


Whiz Kidz CREATE program encompasses our music, art and languages. 


Whiz Kidz SELF is designed to ensure that children feel comfortable and safe within their environment, and able to express themselves.


Whiz Kidz ECO encompasses the world we live in, embedding sustainable practices, and engagement with the natural environment to explore sustainable ways to co-exist in our world.