Meals & Nutrition

Our Nutrition Principals

Whiz Kidz Early Learning Centre & Pre-School recognises the importance of not only providing nutritious and healthy food and beverages but also the significant part that the early childhood setting plays in developing healthy eating habits and attitudes.

Our Educators are role models for healthy eating habits and engage the children during mealtimes to encourage healthier food choices. Children are encouraged to try new foods whilst also respecting their likes and dislikes. Mealtimes are relaxed, positive and social occasions for all.

Take a walk through our centre and you will smell the aroma of our very friendly on-site chefs preparing and serving a range of culturally diverse and nutritious food! We provide and support families with children who have food allergies, dietary requirements or restrictions, and specific cultural or religious practices.

Our families are supported in maximising their child’s health and wellbeing. Parents are kept updated on the current ‘Australian Dietary Guidelines’ and ‘Healthy Eating and Physical Activities’ for children. On a daily basis, parents can access information on their child’s daily intake through documentation and Kinderloop.

Parents are also encouraged to share family recipes and cooking experiences with the children.  If you are interested in contributing or participating please Contact Head Office.

Our Menu

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