Whiz Kidz has created a unique educational curriculum that incorporates all aspects of child development. Our owners have extensive experience in early childhood, primary and secondary education and therefore appreciate how essential the early years are in equipping children with the skills they need to navigate through school and life beyond.


Whiz Kidz Curriculum has 6 domains (Learn, Move, Explore, Create, Self and Sustainability), each with a focus on a different aspect of child development and learning. Each day, your child has the opportunity to develop each of these skills through innovative and unique learning activities designed to maximize your child’s learning.


Our educators are trained to allow your child to develop these skills in a fun, play based environment with the most up-to-date and sophisticated play and technology equipment. At Whiz Kidz we will provide you with daily feedback on your child’s development through an app-based software (Kinderloop) and therefore you are fully involved in your child’s learning experiences throughout the day.


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