Whiz Kidz Self

Our unique Whiz Kidz Self program is designed to ensure that children feel comfortable and safe within their learning environment. At Whiz Kidz we understand that childhood is all about transitions, and we strive to make those transitions as pleasant as possible for both children and parents.


This begins on your child’s first day of childcare, where our educators will ensure that the transition is smooth by adapting routines and play activities in order to suit each child’s individual needs.


Throughout your child’s time at Whiz Kidz they will develop an understanding of emotions and how to deal with their emotions in a constructive and safe way. Your child will be encouraged to express their emotions and feelings and also gauge with the emotions and feelings of others, with a view to recognising how different behaviours affect others around them.


Cooperative play is strongly encouraged across all rooms, thus beginning the process of equipping your child with the social skills necessary to navigate all of life’s challenges. Through this your child will discover diversity and multi-culturism, and recognise that each person is different and unique, yet equally special.


At Whiz Kidz we also understand that the transition to school is a scary time for both children and parents. Our School Readiness program incorporates activities that help prepare your child for school, such as lunch activities, team-based play activities and excursions to local schools.



Examples of Whiz Kidz Self Activities:

Piccasos (0-2)

- Nurturing orientation to the centre.
- Beginning to play in small groups.
- Participating in birthday and other celebrations
- Explorations of concept of self and who we are.
- Explorations of family.


Mozarts (2-3)

- Participating in birthday and other celebrations
- Playing in larger groups.
- Basic team activities
- Multicultural day
- Learning to share
- Learning to take turns.


Einsteins (3-5)

- Exploring emotions through face symbols.
- Extensive group playing and team activities
- Participating in birthday and other celebrations
- Multicultural days
- Deeper exploration of family and friends
- Cooperative play and conflict resolution
- Identifying emotions and how to deal with them.


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