Whiz Kidz Move

Our Whiz Kidz Move program is designed to create active and healthy kids. Whiz Kidz Move provides children with the tools they need to fully develop their fine and gross motor skills.This involves daily play activities such as throwing, catching, running, climbing and jumping! Our play-areas and specially designed to encourage physical activity and to provide active options for all children. This includes obstacle courses and other activities to cater for children at all developmental milestones.


Whiz Kidz Move is in the process of establishing a partnership with sport professionals to attend on-site and engage the children in specialised sporting activities and games.


As part of our ‘Move’ program, our nutritional policy and program teaches the kids about healthy eating habits as well as providing them with nutritious meals and snacks.

Examples of Whiz Kidz Move Activities:


Picassos (0-2)

- Tummy time
- Crawling across furniture and toys
- Chasing balloons
- Climbing
- Water play

Mozarts (2-3)

- Balancing
- Dancing
- Professional sporting program (in process)
- Sand play
- Play dough activities
- Large puzzle play
- Jumping and hop scotch
- Ball play
- Scooter riding

Einsteins (3-5)

- Music games and dancing
- Soccer/basketball
- Hula hoops
- Sand play and building castles
- Bike riding
- Drawing and practicing pencil grip
- Threading


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