Whiz Kidz Explore

Our unique Whiz Kidz Explore program is designed to encourage children to engage with the natural and physical world around them. Children are able to use all their senses to get a very real sense of their environment. This involves getting dirty and exploring sensory play as well as learning about weather, geography and science.

Our unique early education science program introduces scientific concepts such as matter and density, chemical reactions and solubility through fun and engaging activities such as slime and goo creation and making plastic from milk. In addition, children discover animal and plant life through mini-beast specimens, farm animal incursions and fossil creation.


Our Explore program is integrated in everything we do. Our daily routine involves gathering together for Calender Time and discussing weather, days of the week and news-time. Sensory and tactile development occurs daily as children are encouraged to play in our sand pit and explore our specimens, plants and nature-toys.


Examples of Whiz Kidz Explore Activities:


Picassos (0-2)

- Touching and tasting food
- Sensory play with paints, sand, dirt and playdough.
- Basic science experiments
- Exposure to plants and animals
- Water play

Mozarts (2-3)

- Learning about life cycles
- Basic science experiments
- Discussing the weather
- Discovering animals through specimens and farm incursions
- Developing tactile and sensory awareness through sand, dirt and paint play.
- Water play
- Learning about the earth and stars and moon.


Einsteins (3-5)

- Answering deeper questions
- Practicing observation
- Performing basic experiments
- Discovering basic astronomy
- Exploring life cycles
- Animal incursions
- Tactile and sensory play with sand, dirt and paint.
- Discussions about the weather and days of the week.
- Learning about sustainability
- Learn about different countries on a map


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