Whiz Kidz Create


Our unique Whiz Kidz Create program encompasses our music, art and languages program. At Whiz Kidz we believe that education involves far more than basic numeracy and literacy. We strive to provide children with wide ranging experiences and activities that are critical to the developing creative mind.


Each day at Whiz Kidz is an exploration of the creative! Drawing and painting are incorporated daily across each of our rooms, and children are given free range in expressing their thoughts on canvas. Whiz Kidz is in the process of engaging with professional artists and painters to provide regular lessons and activities across our centres.


Children are also encouraged to develop their musical brain with access to basic instruments such as drums, recorders and keyboards on a daily basis. In addition, we will also be engaging music teachers to expose children to a wide variety of different instruments.


Examples of Whiz Kidz Create Activities:

Picassos (0-2)

- Listening to sounds and music
- Singing along with nursery rhymes
- Finger, hand and foot painting
- Freestyle painting and scribbling

Mozarts (2-3)

- Painting and drawing
- Discovering basic instruments
- Sensory play with paint
- Singing and dance along
- Collage and art creation


Einsteins (3-5)

- Painting and drawing
- Playing musical games
- Discovering new songs
- Collage and art creation
- Drama and make-believe play
- More involved instrument education and playing
- Rhyme


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