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Your kids are nearing preschool age and you’re worried. You haven’t considered where you’ll send them, nor have you considered what you want your infant to get out of a preschool education. That’s why you should definitely consider our Taylor Lakes child care centre, particularly if you want your kids to have an enjoyable and educational experience in preschool.

The educators at our Taylor Lakes child care are incredibly experienced, understanding and friendly. Not only that, we have established an innovative educative framework for early learning, which allows your toddlers and infants to develop the necessary basic social skills to thrive in the classroom, on the playground and in the outside world.

When making our program, we closely followed the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and National Quality Framework (NQF), which are designed to help build your infant’s emotional sensitivities and self-esteem.

Our personnel are very friendly and professional. We understand your needs and can guarantee that your toddler will fulfil their potential with us. To achieve this, our program is centred on blending learning and enjoyment, ensuring that your infant looks forward to their time at preschool.

Personal classes with personal consideration

As your local Taylor Lakes child care option, we understand that there are a variety of young infants in the area of different ages. It would be silly to group all the kids together in one class and expect all of them to get along. This sort of environment is counter-productive and could be damaging. Instead, we have devised a solution to this, in which we break down into smaller, more niche sized groups based on age.

  • Picassos room (0-2yrs)

At our Taylors Lakes child care, we offer a quiet nursery room, perfect for quiet time and sleeping. In this environment, young babies are encouraged to play and explore, with no expectations. We have qualified supervisors who are able to take care of nappy changes, meal times, play times or any other concerns your infant may have while they are with us.

  • Mozarts room (2-3yrs)

In this learning environment, toddlers learn about how to appropriately and considerately interact with their peers. Likewise, your infant is likely learning how to take care of their own more menial personal tasks, like dressing and undressing, going to the toilet and handling some of their own meal choices.

  • Einsteins room (3-5yrs)

Right now, your infant is probably starting to think about primary school and kindergarten. They may be worried or excited or scared. With Whiz Kidz, there is no need to be concerned about your offspring, as we will introduce them to basic school concepts, like classes, specific eating times and minor schoolwork, like reading and writing.

A practical, well-balanced preschool experience

Sign up for our Taylor Lakes child care centre to ensure that your kids get the most out of their preschool days. Our special curriculum is anchored on six key disciplines, which we believe are integral in helping your child develop and understand the world around them.

  • Learn

We know that learning can be boring. That’s why we’ve developed a modified program of blending learning with fun activities. Instead of reading all the time, we like to introduce our young ones to basic science experiments and nursery rhymes.

  • Move

With obesity becoming such a big problem in today’s society, it’s no wonder why we place a high priority on making sure your infants remain fit and active. Bike riding, running games, ball throwing and group sports all form the backbone of our Move component.

  • Self

Being able to tell people your honest emotions and feelings is a key component of growing up and maturing. At our Taylor Lakes child care facility, we like to help your kids develop these skills sooner, rather than later. Your infants will be involved in team activities and group work, where they will learn how to share and take turns.

  • Create

In the Create module, your toddler will receive a learning experience that transcends numbers, words and problem solving. Instead, we’ll help hone your infant’s imaginative skills and creativity, achieved through painting and singing exercises.

  • Sustainability

Our educators at our Taylor Lakes child care want your kids to care about the environment. Naturally, we will teach them about food life cycles, the importance of recycling and how to properly take care of scarce environmental resources.

  • Explore

By playing in the sandpit, throwing a ball around or going on walks, we will help your child grow accustomed to the natural world they live in and appreciate it to a greater extent.

On-site chef cooking fresh, healthy meals

We understand that as a parent or guardian, you are probably incredibly busy during the week. As such, our Taylor Lakes child care centre is equipped with a qualified on-site chef who prepares healthy meals for your kids, so you don’t have to!

We also offer alternative food options for those with allergies or other dietary requirements.

Experience the Whiz Kidz difference and enrol or book a tour today!

Choosing the right preschool and learning environment for your kid can be a complex and difficult choice. At Whiz Kidz, we are happy to clarify any concerns you may have and feel free to fill out an enquiry form to join our Taylor Lakes child care centre.