Whiz Kidz – Fun and safe learning for all little explorers

If you’re looking for a Taylors Hill child care centre, you will struggle to find an early learning centre as reliable and accomplished as Whiz Kidz! We are driven to provide an effective and nurturing environment for infants of all ages, helping them explore their social skills, imagination and learning.

We offer an incredibly unique and innovative program, which is drawn directly from the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and National Quality Framework (NQF). We encourage our kids to explore their sense of self and others, evolving their understanding of the world and their place in it.

Every individual has different preferences, tastes and dislikes. As such, our unique educative platform will help nurture every infant, allowing them to thrive and grow in confidence in a new environment. At our Taylors Hill child care facility, we guarantee that all our supervisors are well-trained and equipped to provide the best quality supervision of your babies and toddlers.

Personalised supervision with compassion!

At Whiz Kidz, we cater for those aged 0 to 6. To ensure that the needs of every infant are met, we have broken down our cohort into three distinct learning groups, based on age group. However, we understand that all kids are unique and different, so the curriculum for each group is merely a guideline as to how learning will occur.

  • Picassos room (0-2yrs)

For the smallest attendees, our “Picasso” or nursery room serves as a quiet and intimate environment where babies can feel comfortable to learn and explore. Daily routines generally revolve around meal times, nappy changes, playtime and sleep; however, this schedule is loosely scheduled around the behaviours of the infant throughout the day.

  • Mozarts room (2-3yrs)

In this room our Taylors Hill child care staff will help your toddler begin to interact with their surroundings with a greater level of maturity and understanding. Their cognitive and language skills will improve, while their autonomous abilities will develop, like being able to use the toilet, serving their own meals and dressing themselves.

  • Einsteins room (3-5yrs)

For the bigger kids in the centre, the Einsteins room offers a welcoming and relaxed environment, whereby your young kids can ease their way into kindergarten life. Our staff at our Taylors Hill child care centre will introduce your kids to conventional school routines and concepts, like classes, lunch time and bookwork. We will encourage early reading and writing activities to best prepare your infants for the next chapter in their life.

Make sure they’re 100% prepared with our school readiness program

Our Taylors Hill child care offers a program specifically tailored to those starting kindergarten soon. In this program, we’ll prepare your little one in how best to adapt to school life by teaching them how to write their name and construct simple sentences as well as introduce them to exercise and sports activities, numeracy sheets and artistic games.

A unique learning curriculum that understands your infant!

Enrol in our Taylors Hill child care centre if you want to give your toddler an amazing, beneficial and truly unique preschool experience. Your infant should be having fun at this time in their life, so we make sure that we blend that enjoyment with valuable knowledge and learning skills to help prepare them for the real world.

Our curriculum targets several key areas of childhood development, which we have subsequently broken down into 6 key concepts. By fostering interaction and communication, your kid will thrive and grow in confidence, regardless of the circumstance.

At Taylors Hill child care, we have adapted these six key values in order to best suit the preferences of your toddler, while factoring in their pace and scope of development.

  • Learn

In Learn, we teach your kids the basic fundamentals of learning, while moulding this desire to learn with fun and interactive activities. We encourage reading, science experiments and questions to help ensure that your child obtains valuable skills when learning.

  • Create

With Create, your toddler will receive an education that goes beyond English and mathematics. We want to fulfil your infant’s creative potential, so we’ll build in musical activities, painting and singing to ensure that your kid’s creative vices are not left unsatisfied.

  • Explore

At our Taylors Hill child care facility, the Explore module helps build your infant’s connection to the natural world. We teach your child about life cycles, natural processes and discuss topics like describing the weather.

  • Self

Your infant’s sense of self and ability to connect with others is pivotal to their development. We will teach your kids the value of sharing, building friendships and teams, along with appreciating diversity and social differences.

  • Move

We’ll make sure that your child remains fit and healthy while they are with us, whether this is through running activities, bike riding or chasing balloons in the nursery.

  • Sustainability

We’ll guarantee that your child learns about the need to protect the environment and demonstrate good practices in recycling and nature walks.

Nutritious and healthy meals cooked fresh for all

At our Taylors Hill child care centre, our onsite chef prepares a variety of delicious meals so you don’t have to. We provide all meals for your kids, always offering a vegetarian option and amended foods for those with cultural or religious practices.

Experience the Whiz Kidz difference. Enrol or book a tour today!

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