Whiz Kidz – A truly special early learning and play centre

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right early learning centre for your infant. At Whiz Kidz, we pride ourselves on the highly popular early learning program we have offered at our Sydenham child care.

It is really important that you set your toddler up for primary school. But it’s not just about starting school; it’s about starting life as well. Our enriching program ensures that your child possesses the necessary formative skills to thrive in a wide range of environments and situations.

Our program is based off the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and National Quality Framework (NQF). From this, we guarantee that our activities will help foster your infant’s self-awareness and compassion for the community and others.

Our teachers at our Sydenham child care facility are highly qualified so that they can take a personalised approach to your little one’s care and learning. Our playful and relaxed environment ensures that learning is made fun and easy for everyone.

Learn more about our carefully designed Whiz Kidz curriculum

At our Sydenham child care, your toddler will benefit greatly from our specialised learning platform. Success is not just about memorising numbers and words; it’s about receiving a well-rounded experience that improves one’s communication skills and desire to learn.

Our curriculum is founded upon 6 key domains, each of which represents a key component of a well-balanced and positive lifestyle. We make sure that all of our programs are tailored to meet each individual’s needs as we understand that infants learn at different paces.

  • Learn

Learning should be fun. It shouldn’t be monotonous and boring. At our Sydenham child care centre, we ensure that your kids will have fun while learning and interacting with each other. We will cover a wide range of learning topics to engage with your infants, whether this is in the form of nursery rhymes or reading books as a group.

  • Move

Exercise is such an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. With obesity becoming a bigger problem in the modern world, our move domain ensures that your kids engage in physical activity. Our dedicated staff at our Sydenham child care centre will help build strong coordination and strength in your infants.

  • Create

Many young infants are shy and introverted. They don’t want to share their creative potential. Exploring these skills is pivotal in developing your toddler’s confidence and self-esteem. At Whiz Kidz, our Create component ensures that your infant will be encouraged to sing, dance and paint, fostering their creativity and imagination.

  • Self

In our Self program, our Sydenham child care program focuses on ensuring that your toddler better understands themselves and others. We build a culture of openness and diversity, strengthening family values, social skills and appreciation for cultural awareness.

  • Sustainability

In the modern world, concern for the natural environment is at an all-time high. In fact, the quality of our natural world will rest on future generations. Therefore, it is paramount that your young kids are introduced to the value of recycling and the consequences of littering.

  • Explore

It is important that your toddler appreciates the natural environment and feels confident enough to explore it. We will help build your infant’s confidence in engaging with topics like the weather, science and the landscape, hereby facilitating a more pronounced view of modern society.

Specialised learning spaces for specialised activities!

Our Sydenham child care is the perfect choice for those aged 0 to 6. To ensure that your infant gets the most out of their Whiz Kidz experiences, we have three unique learning spaces, broken down based on age group.

Activities are designed in accordance to age and can be modified based on the individual’s relative pace of learning.

  • Picassos room (0-2yrs)

Here, we encourage babies to engage with their senses in a quiet, reserved and stress-free environment. Infants will enjoy activities across the six domains. Other activities like sleep, nappy changes and play time are more loosely scheduled and tailored for each individual’s needs.

  • Mozarts room (2-3yrs)

At this age, your infant is likely developing a small level of autonomy and an ability to handle small, personal tasks. We will help improve your toddler’s speaking and cognitive abilities, fostering greater interaction between peers to enhance interpretative skills.

  • Einsteins room (3-5yrs)

At this stage in their young life, your infant is likely worried about starting primary school. In order to help your young kid transition into their new schooling, we have developed more advanced and difficult activities centred on the six building blocks of our teaching framework. These focus on building reading and writing skills.

Is your little one nervous to start kindergarten? Enrol them in our school readiness program!

We have developed a special program at our Sydenham child care that is specially designed for those about to transition into primary school. We encourage kids to engage in sports, writing activities, numeracy exercises and many others.

Tasty and nutritious meals cooked fresh for all kids

Our Sydenham child care ensures that your kids have high quality meals from qualified on-site chefs. Our meals are healthy and rotated, guaranteeing that your infant enjoys a variety of foods. We also cater for any special diet requirements as needed.

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Deciding on the right preschool can be a really complex decision. Fill out an enquiry form if you have any questions regarding our services or to find out more about our amazing Sydenham child care!