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Whiz Kidz - Preschool Bella Vista


Our preschool at Bella Vista offers a safe, caring, nurturing and calm environment for all children. It is our focus to ensure that every child has the best environment for them to successfully grow and develop. Leaving your child in the care of someone else can be slightly uncomfortable; however, our educators are all highly qualified and equipped with the tools to ensure you child is comfortable. At our preschool in Bella Vista, we believe that happy kids are healthy kids and we provide them with a large variety of different activities to ensure they are happy and able to reach their full potential. Our different activities are based on our strong curriculum with six domains (Learn, Move, Explore, Create, Self and Sustainability) to ensure that every child is successfully developing and growing in every area.


The preschool Bella Vista centre holds very dedicated educators who are determined to ensure the growth of each child. Our child to educator ratio is in place so your child is sure to get the attention they deserve. Each room (based on your child’s age) has a room leader as well as room assistants. This gives our educators the ability to focus more individually with each child. Our outdoors area is certainly more than big enough for all the children and we love to promote outside physical activities such as kicking a ball and playing in the sand pit.


We would love for you to become a part of our preschool Bella Vista community! If you would like any more details or information about enrolment please feel free to contact us.