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The benefits of sending your kids to a childcare centre

Having a kid is both an exciting and stressful time. You have just given birth to an amazing being but they take up so much of your time. After a couple of years you might see yourself wanting to get back into the workforce. However, you have a dilemma; do you send your child to a childcare centre or have a nanny?

Whilst there are a lot of advantages to having a nanny, sending your kids to a childcare centre that provides diverse socialisation and a change of environment can be beneficial for their development.

Preparation for school

Sending your kids to a childcare centre actively helps them to prepare for school. It is essentially a school that operates for younger kids and caters to a range of needs due to the rapid development from ages 2-5.

Those who attend a childcare centre are able to adopt many of the skills that are valuable for school learning such as problem solving and being able to cope with extended periods away from their parents. This factor also helps parents to cope with extended periods away from their young ones – something they are unlikely to have experienced previously.

Cognitive and language development

Early learning is extremely important for kids and sending them to a childcare centre at a young age immediately exposes them to a range of new activities, a new environment and the need to learn social and language skills.

Kids are encouraged to learn in a childcare centre environment with a range of activities available. The addition of other children is likely to ignite a competitive nature within the young ones further aiding their development. This element of learning can, at times, be more difficult to achieve at home.

Social interaction

Those who attend childcare centres are introduced to a completely new group of people to interact with. Those who stay at home will only get one-on-one interactions with adults and it is often the same adults over and over again. At a childcare centre the kids are exposed to group socialisation as well as experiencing interactions with other adults.

Here, kids will learn to interact with others in an appropriate way and share experiences together as they learn to develop relationships. Developing social skills early in life is important as it is difficult to train these in or out when they are older. There is no sugar-coating when it comes to the kids so they quickly learn the rights and wrongs of social interaction

A set routine or schedule

Having a set schedule ensures that the little ones are always busy and don’t experience periods of boredom. Additionally, it allows them to get used to following a schedule and having a routine of day to day activities that will be necessary later in life.

This links in well to the preparation for school element but it goes beyond that as they will have to follow a schedule outside of school for things like sport and, when they eventually become adults, have to work full time.


Parent Workshop

Living with ease and grace


With Leah Tourish from Focus on Growth

Leah is a mindset strategist who helps people move beyond what’s holding them back from living their ideal life. As a mother of 2 she knows all too well how challenging it is to create a peaceful and loving home in our hectic modern world. That is why she is passionate about helping parents find the inner peace and mindfulness they need to create their ideal life.

“We’re teaching our daughters how to be women and I want to make sure my children know that struggle and stress aren’t compulsory.”


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