Whiz Kidz – A fun, safe and rewarding preschool experience

If you’re looking for an excellent Keilor Downs child care centre, then Whiz Kidz is the choice for you. We understand how difficult it can be to try and find an adequate early learning centre that really gives your little ones the environment they need to thrive. That’s why we have striven to make sure our Keilor Downs child care truly special.

Our friendly staff eagerly deliver our fun and enriching program to all kids ages 0 – 6. Our Whiz Kidz program establishes great foundational skills for intellectual development, meaning your little one will thrive in the classroom, on the playground and independently.

Our specialised curriculum used at our Keilor Downs child care is derived from the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and National Quality Framework (NQF) and is designed to foster your child’s awareness of themselves and the world around them.

We ensure that our supervisors adopt a personalised teaching approach, guaranteeing that your toddler can reach their fullest potential and enjoy their preschool days. We have created activities that make learning both fun and simple, meaning your little one will love coming down to our Keilor Downs child care.

Let them thrive in our specially designed learning spaces

Our Keilor Downs child care centre is well equipped to handle any of your infant’s needs or preferences. At Whiz Kidz, our specialised platform is tailored for those aged 0 to 6, and from this, we have created three distinct educating areas. Our Keilor Downs child care staff are aware that every individual is different, and as such, our program is catered to addressing those differences, working to ensure that everyone feels welcome and safe.

  • Picassos room (0-2yrs)

At such a young age, your toddler can be easily overwhelmed by new surroundings. Our nursery room is designed to provide a sensitive and understanding atmosphere, allowing your infant to explore their surroundings and engage with others at their own pace. Babies will participate in a variety of activities, loosely structured across 6 different domains. Sleep, meal time and nappy changes are altered dynamically based on the individual.

  • Mozarts room (2-3yrs)

Our playful Mozarts room is tailored for young kids starting to develop personal skills, displaying early signs of being able to take care of themselves. Our caring educators at our Keilor Downs child care oversee more peer interaction in the Mozart room, focusing on your young kid’s cognitive and speaking abilities. In the Mozart room, your infant will feel more comfortable engaging with other infants and staff.

  • Einsteins room (3-5yrs)

At this stage, the prospect of starting primary school is on the horizon and preparing your infant for this transition can be incredibly daunting. In our Einsteins room, however, more advanced activities are taught, enabling your kid to develop their reading and writing skills before they commence primary school.

Help them develop with our specialised learning platform

At our Keilor Downs child care, your infant will receive a balanced education that involves loosely structured learning and social development. At Whiz Kidz, you can give your young one the ultimate combination of supervision and early childhood development in a safe environment.

Our program varies based on the nature of the individual. At our Keilor Downs child care centre, we adapt our activities to best suit those involved and frame them around 6 key domains.

  • Move

As a parent or guardian, you want your infant to be living a well-balanced lifestyle, full of exercise and activity. Our Move domain will help your toddler develop their coordination skills, whether it be playing with balloons in our nursery or learning how to ride a bike in our Einstein room.

  • Explore

In our Explore domain, we want your kid to develop an understanding of the world we live in and the natural environment. We will engage your infants in topics like the weather, the landscape and science to help build a platform for lateral thinking and problem solving.

  • Self

Our dedicated teachers at our Keilor Downs child care centre understand the need for your toddlers to develop an appreciation for themselves and others. As a result, we implement group activities that focus on discussing diversity and family, ensuring your child has the necessary communicative abilities and appreciation for cultural differences.

  • Sustainability

We will introduce your toddler to the importance of conserving our environment through recycling, nature walks, food cycles and not littering.

  • Learn

We guarantee that our learn component is fun and exciting for your kids. We rely on nursery rhymes and basic science experiments to help your infant enjoy their time with us, while gaining valuable learning skills that can be applied to later schooling.

  • Create

We will help your toddle tap into their creative potential and imagination. A purely academic focus is too narrow for young infants and so we encourage toddlers to engage in singing, dancing and painting to build their creativity.

Nutritious, freshly cooked meals for all kids

Another great thing about our Keilor Downs child care is that our talented on-site chef is always cooking fresh, nutritious meals for all the kids. Does your little one have special eating requirements due to allergies or a cultural or religious requirement? No worries, we have tasty alternatives for everyone!

Give your little one all the advantages of the Whiz Kidz experience and enrol online or book a tour today!