Our Education Principles

The Six Whiz Kidz Curriculum Domains

Whiz Kidz LEARN is our exclusive learning and education program based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Framework (NQF) but specifically tailored to your child’s individual needs.

The Whiz Kidz Owner/Directors have an extensive background in early childhood and primary education and they have built on that experience to create a learning environment that is designed to engage holistically with each child and to prepare them for the transition to school.

At Whiz Kidz, we understand that every child learns and discovers in their own special and unique way.

In each of our rooms, our specialist teachers and educators engage with the children on a daily basis to maximise their individual and group learning in a play-based environment. This involves a deep understanding of the way that each individual child learns and adapting and creating programs to suit those specific needs.

Whiz Kidz LEARN is designed to create a sense of wonderment in each learning experience.

Each room is filled with a specially designed library and book corner, encouraging children to engage with books in a peaceful and serene environment. Our educators are specially trained in phonemic awareness encouraging children to engage with the text and to develop a deeper understanding of the alphabet and written language.

In addition, children are regularly exposed to the magic of science through our exclusive early childhood science program. This includes experiments involving matter and density (creating goo and slime), chemical reactions (fizzing of vinegar and baking soda) and solubility (dissolving of eggshells) and much more.

Examples of Whiz Kidz LEARN activities:

Picasso's Room (0-2)
  • Reading books and pointing to pictures.
  • Learning nursery rhymes
  • Learning basic vocabulary and grammar
  • Sorting shapes and colours
  • Following simple instructions
  • Basic science experiments
Mozart's Room (2-3)
  • Sing-alongs
  • Science experiments
  • Introduction to the alphabet
  • Reading and storytime
  • Jolly Phonics songs
Einstein's Room (3-5)
  • Introduction to numeracy and literacy
  • More detailed exploration of the alphabet through letter hunts and memory games
  • ABC Reading Eggs (preschoolers)
  • Sing-alongs
  • Writing names
  • Re-telling stories and engaging deeper with books

Our special MOVE program is designed to create active and healthy kids.

Whiz Kidz MOVE provides children with the tools they need to fully develop their fine and gross motor skills. This involves daily play activities such as throwing, catching, running, climbing and jumping!

Our play areas and specially designed to encourage physical activity and to provide active options for all children. This includes obstacle courses and other activities to cater for children at all developmental milestones.

We have a unique and exclusive in house sports program called "Whiz Kidz Get Up & Go", run by qualified sports professionals and offered everyday so no child ever misses out. This program is completely complimentary to all our Whiz Kidz Families.

As part of our MOVE program, our nutritional policy and program teaches the kids about healthy eating habits as well as providing them with nutritious meals and snacks.

Examples of Whiz Kidz MOVE activities:

Picasso's Room (0-2)
  • Tummy time
  • Crawling across furniture and toys
  • Chasing balloons
  • Climbing
  • Water play
Mozart's Room (2-3)
  • Balancing
  • Dancing
  • Professional sporting program (in process)
  • Sand play
  • Playdough activities
  • Large puzzle play
  • Jumping and hopscotch
  • Ball play
  • Scooter riding
Einstein's Room (3-5)
  • Music games and dancing
  • Soccer/basketball
  • Hula hoops
  • Sand play and building castles
  • Bike riding
  • Drawing and practising pencil grip
  • Threading

Our unique Whiz Kidz EXPLORE program is designed to encourage children to engage with the natural and physical world around them.

Children are able to use all their senses to get a very real sense of their environment. This involves getting dirty and exploring sensory play as well as learning about weather, geography and science.

Our unique early education science program introduces scientific concepts such as matter and density, chemical reactions and solubility through fun and engaging activities such as slime and goo creation and making plastic from milk.

In addition, children discover animal and plant life through mini-beast specimens, farm animal incursions and fossil creation.

Our EXPLORE program is integrated into everything we do. Our daily routine involves gathering together for Calendar Time and discussing the weather, days of the week and news-time.

Sensory and tactile development occurs daily as children are encouraged to play in our sandpit and explore our specimens, plants and nature toys.

Examples of Whiz Kidz EXPLORE activities:

Picasso's Room (0-2)
  • Touching and tasting food
  • Sensory play with paints, sand, dirt and playdough
  • Basic science experiments
  • Exposure to plants and animals
  • Water play
Mozart's Room (2-3)
  • Learning about life cycles
  • Basic science experiments
  • Discussing the weather
  • Discovering animals through specimens and farm incursions
  • Developing tactile and sensory awareness through sand, dirt and paint play
  • Water play
  • Learning about the earth and stars and moon
Einstein's Room (3-5)
  • Answering deeper questions
  • Practicing observation
  • Performing basic experiments
  • Discovering basic astronomy
  • Exploring life cycles
  • Animal incursions
  • Tactile and sensory play with sand, dirt and paint
  • Discussions about the weather and days of the week
  • Learning about sustainability
  • Learn about different countries on a map

Our unique Whiz Kidz CREATE program encompasses our music, art and languages program.

At Whiz Kidz, we believe that education involves far more than basic numeracy and literacy. We strive to provide children with wide-ranging experiences and activities that are critical to the developing creative mind.

Each day at Whiz Kidz is an exploration of the creative!

Our CREATE program ensures that drawing and painting are incorporated daily across each of our rooms, and children are given free rein in expressing their thoughts on canvas.

We are in the process of engaging with professional artists and painters to provide regular lessons and activities across our centres... watch this space!

Children are also encouraged to develop their musical brain with access to basic instruments such as drums, recorders and keyboards on a daily basis. In addition, we will also be engaging music teachers to expose children to a wide variety of different instruments.

Examples of Whiz Kidz CREATE activities:

Picasso's Room (0-2)
  • Listening to sounds and music
  • Singing along with nursery rhymes
  • Finger, hand and foot painting
  • Freestyle painting and scribbling
Mozart's Room (2-3)
  • Painting and drawing
  • Discovering basic instruments
  • Sensory play with paint
  • Singing and dance along
  • Collage and art creation
Einstein's Room (3-5)
  • Painting and drawing
  • Playing musical games
  • Discovering new songs
  • Collage and art creation
  • Drama and make-believe play
  • More involved instrument education and playing
  • Rhyme

Our unique Whiz Kidz SELF program is designed to ensure that children feel comfortable and safe within their learning environment.

At Whiz Kidz, we understand that childhood is all about transitions, and we strive to make those transitions as pleasant as possible for both children and parents.

This begins on your child’s first day of childcare, where our educators will ensure that the transition is smooth by adapting routines and play activities in order to suit each child’s individual needs.

Throughout your child’s time at Whiz Kidz they will develop an understanding of emotions and how to deal with their emotions in a constructive and safe way.

Your child will be encouraged to express their emotions and feelings as part of our essential SELF program, as well as gauge the emotions and feelings of others, with a view to recognising how different behaviours affect others around them.

Cooperative play is strongly encouraged across all rooms, thus beginning the process of equipping your child with the social skills necessary to navigate all of life’s challenges. Through this, your child will discover diversity and multiculturalism, and recognise that each person is different and unique, yet equally special.

At Whiz Kidz, we also understand that the transition to school is a scary time for both children and parents. Our School Readiness program incorporates activities that help prepare your child for school, such as lunch activities, team-based play activities and excursions to local schools.

Examples of Whiz Kidz SELF activities:

Picasso's Room (0-2)
  • Nurturing orientation to the centre
  • Beginning to play in small groups
  • Participating in birthday and other celebrations
  • Explorations of the concept of self and who we are
  • Explorations of family
Mozart's Room (2-3)
  • Participating in birthday and other celebrations
  • Playing in larger groups
  • Basic team activities
  • Multicultural day
  • Learning to share
  • Learning to take turns
Einstein's Room (3-5)
  • Exploring emotions through face symbols
  • Extensive group playing and team activities
  • Participating in birthday and other celebrations
  • Multicultural days
  • Deeper exploration of family and friends
  • Cooperative play and conflict resolution
  • Identifying emotions and how to deal with them

At Whiz Kidz, sustainability forms part of everything that we do, from our disposal of waste to our incorporation of natural and recycled material for toys and learning.

Through our extraordinary SUSTAINABILITY program, our pupils are encouraged to learn about sustainability practices through lessons about recycling and hygiene.

Your child will discover about sustainability practices via their engagement with the natural environment, watching their educators model sustainable practices and engaging in discussions that explore solutions to environmental issues.

Examples of Whiz Kidz SUSTAINABILITY:

  • Connecting children to nature through art and play.
  • Using natural resources such as wood, sand, plants and recycled materials in play.
  • Nature walks, education about plants and gardening and learning about plant life cycles.
  • Lessons about food cycles involving growing, harvesting and cooking.