Whiz Kidz – a fun, safe and inclusive preschool experience

Trying to settle on the best Albanvale child care centre for your toddler can be very difficult for any parent, and even more difficult if you lack any good information on what is available. As a parent, you want your little ones to have a safe and fulfilling experience and it’s understandable that you are very particular about where they end up.

At our Albanvale child care, we acknowledge the important that early education has in preparing your young ones not just for academic success but success in life more broadly. We have constructed a program that helps kids build the essential life skills that help them to thrive in the outside world.

Our curriculum at our Albanvale child are is built around the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) as well as the National Quality Framework (NQF) with both systems working to help kids gain a better sense of self-awareness and understanding of the surrounding world.

All our staff members at our Albanvale child care are thoroughly trained and qualified to use special personalised teaching methods that enable every little student to succeed. All of the activities that we use place the kids in a play-centred space that allows learning to be safe, fun and interactive.

Your infant will love coming to learn and play at Whiz Kidz

With our Albanvale child care, you get to rest assured that your offspring is getting a comprehensive early education as well as a valuable social experience that builds their character. We have worked hard to facilitate as many different methods of learning as possible with our Albanvale child care.

Our curriculum has 6 core focus areas or ‘domains’ of educational development which address all of the crucial factors in a happy and healthy lifestyle. Each one of these focus areas is engaged with through our individual and interactive group activities.

At our Albanvale child care, we work to facilitate alternative lessons for different attendees to suit their age and emotional maturity. This enables us to monitor them and move them up to the next stage of learning when we are 100% sure they are ready.

We are always altering our activities to make sure every kid is able to have a go and not feel left out.

  • Learn

This program is heavily centred on play activities that make sure that your toddler isn’t bogged down with school-like work. The activities are designed to expose them to a broad spectrum of topics covering everything from science to nursey rhymes.

  • Move

At Whiz kidz, we place a high priority on making sure that your little one is getting adequate physical activity as well as learning why it’s important in a healthy lifestyle. Our Move activities give your offspring a chance to stretch their legs and really exert all of their excited energy in a safe environment.

  • Create

For toddlers to grow up with a healthy and open mindset, it’s important that they are given opportunities to explore their creative side. This domain entails fun art-based activities like painting, dancing and singing.

  • Explore

In this focus area your toddler will learn to respect and appreciate the surrounding natural world. They’ll learn about interesting topics like geography and the weather so that they have a more robust comprehension of the world around them.

  • Self

In the Self domain, your offspring will learn to understand others as well as themselves much better. The activities here will focus on the diversity between kids and their families, ultimately working to make your toddler more culturally aware.

  • Sustainability

The sustainability of our society and the environment are two topic areas that are highly relevant to future generations. In this domain, we introduce your little one to concepts related to food cycles, recycling and caring for the environment.

Specially designed learning spaces perfect for each age group

Our Albanvale child care is suited for all types of kids aged 0 to 6. We separate the kids into 3 different age groups so that we can make sure that they are given the adequate care and attention.

This allows us to structure activities so that the oldest kids are given more independence and are not engaged with at the same level as a 1 or 2 year old. Kids vary greatly in their maturity at this age and this is why we have carefully structured our curriculum to appeal to all.

We are always changing our activities to suit different levels of learning. Above all, we want your little one to participate voluntarily and go home having had a positive and educational experience.

  • Picassos room (0-2yrs)

This room is designed to cater for the smallest of the kids and they are encouraged to interact with one another in a safe and relaxed environment. In the Picasso’s room, your little one will participate in several activities that address our 6 core domains.

  • Mozarts room (2-3yrs)

This room is a place where the kids start to adopt a greater degree of independence and will begin carrying out tasks like serving food and going to the bathroom by themselves. Here, there is more emphasis placed on the improvement of cognitive and linguistic skills.

  • Einsteins room (3-5yrs)

In this room, kids start to demonstrate their familiarly around ideas they’ll be required to explore more fully in kindergarten. Here, the kids get to experience more complex activities that work to improve their basic writing and reading skills prior to beginning public school.

We ensure they are prepared for kindergarten

For parents seeking Albanvale child care we have a special program designed specifically to ease the transition from pre-school to kindergarten. Kids will practise core skills related to writing, reading and sports so that they are familiar with what they’ll encounter at big school.

We make sure your toddler is well fed with healthy meals

Parents looking for Albanvale child care can rest assured that their toddler will be well cared for at Whiz Kidz. Our dedicated chef prepares a diverse range of tasty and healthy meals that the kids love.

Of course, we also have alternative food options for those with specific dietary requirements or restrictions. Our Albanvale child care takes the health and safety of all attendees extremely seriously and we seek to make sure everyone feels included.

Let your little one enjoy all the benefits of the Whiz Kidz difference

We know that making a decision on which Albanvale child care to enrol your toddler at can be difficult and we are prepared to answer all of the questions you have. Simply give us a phone call or write us an online enquiry and we will endeavour to respond ASAP!

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