About Whiz Kidz

Testimonials from Our Happy Families

Thankyou for your consistent love and dedication of our children. Your learning experiences are phenomenal. Thankyou for all the hard work you put in to ensure our children have a fantastic day each and every day.

The Wall Family

I personally would like to commend all the educators across the team! Even with my children only in the preschool room and baby room I feel they are acknowledged by everyone as they arrive. I can see the excitement on my children’s faces, they speak of their teachers all the time at home and I see what they must be learning about as their interests and knowledge grow and change as per the activities in the centre. The teachers are outstanding I trust them and appreciate their efforts daily, a job i know I couldn’t do so thank you whiz kidz is definitely a place of happiness due to its amazing staff.


Thank you Miss Kirsty and Miss Taylor for always providing fun and educational play while being so loving and nurturing to all the kids. Thank you for everything you do to create an amazing preschool room!

Ali and Emmanuel

I would like to express my appreciation for all the hard work and dedication of each of the educators at Whiz Kdz! As a mother one of the hardest things to do is leaving your child, but I honestly have to say that the educators always make me feel comfortable to walk away. A massive thank you to the Picasso room, each one of the educators always greets Ayva with a smile, ready to give her the comfort she might need and always happy to see her. I appreciate that every time I call (and yes I know I can be a huge pain lol) the staff always assure me that Ayva is happy and having a good day which is a huge relief. Each and every one of you are contributing to Ayva’s journey and I cant thank you enough for helping shape my daughters life.


Thank you to all of the girls at Whiz Kidz. Violet adores you all and talks about you non-stop at home. Thank you for your hard work, creativity and love you show the children, it is such a beautiful place for them and for us too. We have the utmost respect and appreciation for how hard you all work behind the scenes too to engage the children and ensure they are learning and developing.

The Massinghams

A huge thank you to Merran and the team of educators at Whiz Kidz. We have seen so much growth in Violet since she began. A special thank you to Miss Kylie for helping Violet develop her fine motor skills through all your fabulous art activities, Miss Sarah for enabling Violet’s love of exploring her world and find out something new each day and to Miss Danielle for supporting Violet socially and emotionally and helping her to become more resilient. We can’t thank you enough.

Violet’s Family

Having experienced two previous day-care providers, I can without hesitation say the Whiz Kidz team at Baulkham Hills is the BEST! I have never met such a group of genuinely caring and engaged carers. They take a genuine interest in each child and this is so obvious. They are warm, approachable and such lovely humans! Rosie, and indeed our whole family, holds them all in such high esteem and they have helped shape Rosie into a curious, engaged, kind and empathetic little person. As a mother dropping Rosie off each morning, I feel so calm and confident that Rosie will have a lovely day, and she never fails to experience that.


This is our first year having experienced a child in day care and we couldn’t be happier with your team. The girls greet both myself and Torah at every drop off with a big smile and “Hello” which makes us feel very welcome! Torah enjoys going to Whiz Kidz every week, to the point we countdown the days. She can’t wait for Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. She loves all the activities and games she gets to play and explore. Most of all she loves her teachers. We are always role playing at home and she has to be one of the teachers from Whiz Kidz.Thank you all for the fabulous experience. We can’t wait for Jake to join your friendly family.

Sonia and Leon Taunton

Bella absolutely loves coming to “school” and seeing her educators. She often talks about them especially Miss Lana. All the educators are friendly and welcoming and help make Bella feel welcomed and comfortable throughout the day. Thank you all for the time and effort you put into our children, and their learning experiences. As a mum who runs my own business from home and has another little one to look after, I really appreciate the support.

Rita Duma

We really appreciate what ALL the lovely educators at Whiz Kidz do and how Jessica is enjoying her time with you. She has really started to overcome her shyness and is truly ready to start big school. Thank you, ladies!

Karol and Jaime Castaneda

Lucas is having a great experience at Whiz Kidz and all the educators there seem to be contributing. We feel like we have hit the jackpot coming to Whiz Kidz compared to the day care we were at in Alexandria. The program is constantly refreshed as well as great meals and regular education getting prepared for school learning to write. Shout out to all Miss Tiffany, Miss Cassie, Miss Lana, Miss Mandy and Miss Ashleigh! 🙂 Thank you.

Kristin and Michael Ellen

All the staff at Whiz Kidz have been amazing with Erin. She talks about them all the time. They provide a wonderful range of experiences and activities and she learns so many new things each day. She has grown so much this year and I am so proud of how she has become so much more independent, thanks to all the ‘big girl’ routines the staff at whiz kids have put in place. Well done on a great job girls… We will miss you when Erin goes to big school next year! You are doing an amazing job! Thank you.

Erin’s Family

Alexis loves Whiz Kidz and her educators play a significant role in making her comfortable and happy every day she attends day-care. Even though there are many kids with different needs to look after, if Alexis needs extra attention at times there is always someone who can give her the attention she needs. She comes home content, happy and tired from day-care showing she has had an active, educational and fun day. We love that all staff give us an update on Alexis’ day even if they have not been with her that day.

This is important to us, as Alexis is too young to tell us about her day. We also love that when we walk into Whiz Kidz it feels calm and nurturing. Everything mentioned above would not be possible without the wonderful teachers that work well together as a team and communicate with each other to make sure all needs are met. We are confident Alexis is in good hands with her teachers at day-care and happy she has had such great role models to look up to and teach her from such a young age. Thank you for taking such great care of Alexis and we look forward to our Baby Boy having the same wonderful experience that Alexis has had when he starts next year. Kind regards.

Stephanie Legey

First of all, thanks for the time and effort Whiz Kidz childcare centre and staff have made towards managing to deliver excellent service and care for the kids in your care.I would like to especially say thank you to these teachers, Miss Tiffany, Miss Cassie, Miss Lana and Miss Isabella and all other teachers.Thanks for your great efforts in creating the fun room culture, educating the child, organising multiple activities for parents to get involved in and providing help whenever possible. Olivia and Luca have learned so much during the past couple of months, especially Olivia she is always surprising her mum and dad by lecturing Luca at home, on some topics like health and hygiene issues or water safety, which is fun but also very inspiring. Big thank you!!

Linlin Qiao and Feng Yu

It is very difficult to put into words just how highly I think of the beautiful young women who share their time, energy, patience, kindness and enthusiasm with my child every week, but day in and day out these lovely people begin each day welcoming us with a smile on their faces and instil an excitement in my daughter for the day ahead. I am so grateful for the huge amounts of effort they put in every day to making sure my daughter feels safe, cared for and creatively & intellectually stimulated. Thank you for also sharing your own beautiful moments with us in your engagements, weddings, pregnancies and births of your own beautiful children. I love having a chat with you at the end of a busy week. We are very blessed to be a part of the Whiz Kidz family.

Louise Donald